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        Categories: Boots

        Website: http://www.idealfootwear.co.uk/

        Short description: Made to measure and semi-bespoke footwear for those with difficult feet.

        Website: http://www.conkershoes.com

        Short description: Handmade footwear off the shelf or made to order using natural materials and traditional methods.

        Website: http://www.freerangers.co.uk/

        Short description: Fabulously comfortable 100% Vegan footwear and matching accessories - all licensed to carry the Vegan Society's sunflower logo - your guarantee of no animal involvement. Ladies & Gents sizes.

        Website: http://www.specialfootwear.co.uk/

        Short description: Orthopaedic shoes don’t need to be unsightly. We make a range of stylish, fashionable designs for bespoke handmade shoes that you will be thrilled with. We can create custom orthotics or adapt/raise your favourite shoes for differences in leg length.

        Website: http://www.littlearthurgreenshoes.org

        Short description: Affordable leather footwear, handcrafted in our island workshop

        Website: http://www.tslingerfootwearltd.co.uk/

        Short description: Bespoke footwear made to measure specialist in hand sewn gents shoes.Specialist in orthopaedic footwear ladies and gents


        Short description: To visit the workshop please phone to arrange a time.

        Website: http://www.simpleway.co.uk

        Short description: The most comfortable shoes you'll wear. Available in Ready Made or Kit Form

        Website: http://www.ruthemilydavey.co.uk

        Short description: Handcrafted shoes designed to last. Made to the unique shape of your feet & repairable.


        Short description: Bespoke and Orthopaedic Footwear Specialist

        Website: http://www.nw-clogs.co.uk

        Short description: Traditional British Clogs, Pattens + Leatherwork for dancers, re-enactment and enthusiasts

        Website: http://www.taylormadeshoes.co.uk/

        Short description: Beautifully made, perfectly fitting bespoke and orthopaedic footwear.

        Website: http://www.billbird.co.uk

        Short description: Smart, comfortable and elegant made to measure footwear for ladies and men. Appointments and fittings in the Cotswolds and London W1