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        The finest English bespoke shoes designed and hand crafted using centuries old handsewn techniques; shoemaking too's and materials sold inline; unisex ready wear. British-made shoes and shoemaking training for beginner and experienced alike.

        We are bespoke shoemakers and teachers of bespoke shoemaking, designing and handcrafting shoes and boots for men and women at our workshops in Bloomsbury and Mayfair. The drawers of hand held tools, low workbenches and walls of lasts in out?studios are testament to the traditional hand sewn shoemaking skills we employ.

        Our customers come from around the globe for the comfort and style that our shoes offer, often seeing us in transit through London.

        For each customer, we develop classic designs with a modern aesthetic combining tweeds, linens and leather with hand stitched detailing. All of our shoes are made from the finest box calf, patent, cordovan or exotic leather with English oak-bark tanned leather soles and heels. A selection if shoes that we made can be seen at www.carreducker.com/bespoke ?and our craft part ?at the design museum London’s new new permanent collection.

        We are also teachers of this centuries-old craft, training student from all over the world in English hand welted shoemaking.

        Our teaching encompasses intensive hand welding courses, shoemaking masterclasses; evening courses; and pattern making for bespoke shoes.

        The shoemaking courses take you through the two hundred + steps involved in hand lasting, welting, soling, heel building and finising a pair of shoes with 96 hours in the classroom, these course are unique opportunity to kick start your passion for shoemaking.

        To sample what we can cover in the course or to improve you skills, follow our blog at www.carreducker.blogspot.com.

        We look forward to welcoming you to our studio soon. Please contact us to make an appointment by telephone:+44 (0)20 7432 6428 and +44 (0) 20 7813 0093 or by email cd@carreducker.com

        James Ducker &Deborah Carre
        Studio W9
        Cockpit Arts
        Cockpit Yard
        Northington Street
        London WC1N 2NP

        Office:   0207 8130093

        Email:  cd@carreducker.com